This last week or two was all about learning to use ReactJS and the MERN stack. I decided it was time to learn more about JavaScript and specifically about ReactJS. One, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about in the Dev community regarding this framework called React or ReactJS. Brad Traversy is an excellent teacher and I knew he would do the topic justice. So I began Brad's course React Front To Back.

Something you quickly learn when going through development tutorials is that all teachers are not created equal. Likewise all courses are not what you would expect. A LOT of courses will over promise and under deliver. When it comes to web dev courses, you can always count on Brad Traversy to develop a top-notch course in instruction or content, and projects. This course was no different. I built out three projects all of which were excellent in teaching the concepts in React. I came away with three projects to add to my portfolio.

Github Finder

Contact Keeper

IT Logger


Overall, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the basics of React and it made me want to learn more. The course taught me a lot and proved to myself that I could build some decent projects. When learning to become a dev it is crucial to build confidence in yourself. Brad's course did just that. And while I do not think that I am ready to call myself a senior React dev, I do think I am on my way to be a great junior React developer.

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